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Stud 100 spray For Men- buy stud 100 male delay spray nairobi kenya kampala uganda daresalaam tanzania juba sudan +254723408602

Stud 100 spray For Men- buy stud 100 male delay spray nairobi kenya kampala uganda daresalaam tanzania juba sudan +254723408602


  • Effectively promotes better sexual performance
  • It may reduce sensitivity of penis
  • It might delay ejaculation for lasting sexual relationship
  • Clinically safe and licensed to use
  • It can be used together with condoms
  • It can be used for any type of sexual activity


Stud 100 Spray

Stud 100 male delay spray mensmaxsuppliments stud spray for premature ejaculation nairobikenya

Stud 100 is the world famous delay spray for men and improves your sexual confidence. Similarly this delay spray provides extra staying power for men. Stud desenitising spray 100 has a mild anesthetic. Stud 100 contains Lidocaine which is a successful delay spray for men. Additionally it comes in a discreet 75mm high can. This delay spray contains around 120 sprays .Vaginal Tightners, Secondary Virginity

Dealing with premature ejaculation can be a stressful experience. However, it doesn’t need to be permanent.  According to a 2005 study conducted by the Society for Sex Therapy & Research, the average range of duration for a man during first round attempts was found to be three minutes to thirteen minutes (not including foreplay). But don’t take that to mean three minutes is acceptable.Maxman Delay Sprays Sex Spray Vigrx Spray

How to use Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray For Men:
  1. Spray on the head and shaft of the penis, normally between 5 and 15 minutes before intercourse.
  2. Use the minimum effective number of sprays, which will vary from 3 to 8 depending upon the individual.
  3. Finally each can contains 120 metered doses.

What is STUD 100?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem experienced by men below 40 years old. Premature ejaculation leaves both sexual partners unsatisfied .Breast Enlargement

Using this spray will do the following for you:

  • Give you a rock-hard erection within 1-2 min.
  • Intensify your sexual satisfaction and orgasms.
  • The ability to maintain an erection for much longer than normal.
  • Increase your libido

Stud 100 Spray mensmaxsuppliments stud spray for premature ejaculation nairobikenya

Generally there are different reasons why premature ejaculation occur. Different methods can be used to get rid of this sexual disorder. Use of desensitizing agents such as STUD 100.

Can you taste stud 100?
It’s not good for the taste so wipe it or wash off before oral.Actipotens In Kenya, Shop Actipotens Products KE, Actipotens Price in Nairobi Kenya, Actipotens Customers Reviews, Actipotens Dosage, Actipotens Side Effects, Actipotens Ingredients KE, Actipotens Jumia KE

Who is the Manufacturer of STUD 100?

Stud 100 Spray mens max supplimentsStud 100

It is manufactured in UK and is marketed worldwide for more than 20 years now. It contains an active ingredient called Lidocaine. Similarly it increases sexual satisfaction.

STUD 100 is proven safe to use, is odorless, and is environmental friendly. Generally your erections will improve. You will have hard rock erections. In-fact your endurance will increase. Similarly this product raises endurance. In addition the period prolongs.

STUD 100 IngredientsHipBoosters, Buttock Boosters, Hip And Curves Shop, Artificial Hips, Hip Boosting Creamsa, Ass Boosting Pills

The only active ingredient in Stud 100 Spray is Lidocaine Base USP. The effects of lidocaine can last for up to three hours. Most of the time, you’ll notice the numbing effects of lidocaine spray for about one hour after applying it to your penis.Denta Defend In Nairobi Kenya, DentaDefend Toothpaste Kenya, Denta Defend In Kenya, Denta Defend Products Shop, DentaDefend Online Store, DentaDefend Price, Denta Defend Oral Care At Its Best

Delay sprays, as the name suggests, delay a man’s orgasm, allowing sexual activity to continue longer. The sprays achieve their intended effect by slightly and temporarily numbing the nerves in a man’s penis. You simply follow the instructions to spray a small amount of the product onto your penis and then wait a certain number of minutes prior to sexual activity.

Lidocaine Base USP

  • Aiding in the reduction of the swelling of the penis. This will reduce premature ejaculation.
  • It aids in the reduction of the sensitivity of the penis .Breast Enlarging

The other two Inactive Ingredients are Isopropyl Myristate and Stearic Acid.

Isopropyl Myristate

  • Commonly used as a lubricant .
  • It makes the skin to have a smooth feeling
  • It is a popular cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredient

Stearic Acid

  • It has been proved to be safe and non-irritantAural Plus Nairobi Kenya, Aural Plus Sachets In Kenya, Aural Plus Products, Aural Plus Online Shop, AURAL pLUS cISTOMER rEVERS ke, aURAL pLUS jUMIA KE Price,aURAL pLUS sUPPLEMENT iN kENYA

What are the Advantages of STUD 100?

Below are the proven advantages in using the product.

  • Effectively promotes better sexual performance
  • It may reduce sensitivity of penis
  • It might delay ejaculation for lasting sexual relationship
  • Clinically safe and licensed to use
  • It can be used together with condoms
  • It can be used for any type of sexual activityStud 100 Spray mensmaxsuppliments stud spray for premature ejaculation nairobikenya


Use of STUD 100 must be stopped if with pregnant partners. The spray must be used less than 24 times within 24 hours. This is to avoid any complication.

Does delay spray work?

Yes, delay spray definitely works to help men last longer during sex. Studies show that it helps men last on average 64% longer during sex. The make sex life better. Men are able to satisfy their women. Generally they have no serious side effects. However, you should follow instructions. If there’s irritation you can stop using them.Vibrating Rings,Stud 100 Spray, Sex Toys In Kenya, Gspot Sex Toys, Cock Rings

How long does delay spray last?

Generally speaking, you should expect the effect of delay sprays to last for a half hour to an hour from the time you apply them. One excellent aspect of this is that, if you happen to know that you are likely going to have sex at some point within the next hour, you likely can use the spray immediately. This gives you time to dry and in no way interferes with your foreplay or sexual experience.Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

STUD 100 – Verdict

Stud 100 is a safe and effective male enhancement product. The ingredients used in this product are all clinically safe for use. Additionally they promote better sexual performance. Stud 100 has no legal complaints.

  • It provides a strong desensitizing action.
  • It takes effect very quickly, working in just 5 minutes.
  • No smell.Priligy
  • Can be used with oral sex and has no noticeable taste.
  • One bottle gives 70-80 sprays, which is a good amount.
  • Low price.

Where do you buy Stud 100 Spray?

Delay Sprays For MenIn conclusion to buy Stud 100 Spray in Kenya and sex enhancement pills or drugs get in touch with us. Above all we will help you all the way. Furthermore we have many products. They enhance sex. Additionally some can increase testosterone in the body. This makes sex life more enjoyable. In-fact you will not be disappointed. Importantly we will give you advice. Additionally you will get products to help you. In the same vein it is advisable to eat healthy foods. Similarly you should take enough water. It keeps the body hydrated. This is obviously good for sex. Eating vegetables also helps alot. Smoking affects sex. Likewise it can also lead to health complications. They include cancer and high blood pressure. Such conditions kill a man’s sex ability.Penile Enlargement, Dick Extenders, Stud 100 Spray

Stud 100 Spray – Final Verdict

Above all Stud 100 Spray prevents disappointment. It has been prepared from natural resources. It additionally helps men to satisfy their partners. This product is everything a man needs. Sex life is never the same again with Stud 100 Spray. It certainly turns things around. Additionally your confidence shoots. A real man needs to make his woman satisfied. Moreover its not good to be shy. A problem shared is a problem half solved.  They help the body when it comes to sex. By the way the man needs to be in the flow of the rhythm. He should be active and capable. Many couples who have experienced this problem have turned the tables of their sex life. They have done this by using Stud 100 Spray. Most importantly this spray has no negative effects. Finally you can buy them online.Female Viagra, Women Viagra, Stud 100 Spray

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