Men Health and Beauty Supplements In Kenya

As MensMaxSuppliments we take cognizance of the fact that in terms of health and beauty, men requirement is by and large different from that of the female gender. Therefore our Men Health and Beauty Supplements range from erectile dysfunction pills, gel, tablets, pumps to world class supplements.  Additionally they boost testosterone thereby giving men rock hard erections. Under male health we also have penis enlargers. Similarly these particular ones provoke mutation of cells in the penis’ corpus cavernosum helping men attain the penis size that they need.

We have a selection of hair baldness products that handle melanin formation, pigmentation and rejuvenation of hair roots. This reverses the hair growth process. Our grey hair sprays, oils and even powders give your hair a touch of black that looks amazingly natural.

Sex Toys are also a feature in our male health and beauty collection. From full human size like sex dolls to vibrators and dildos we have it all. If you need chastity devices you need not strain. In Kenya and wherever you are just get in touch with us for delivery to be arranged.
Slimming and weight-loss can never be forgotten! Those who struggle with the issue of weight or beer bellys should look no further. We have a selection of creams, belts, pills, powders and other oral products. They lower metabolism hence reducing weight drastically.

In need of  pheromones and poppers? We have the best selection of poppers and inhalers for men for mind blowing erections. Not forgetting gym lovers who will be waowed by our wide range of body building products that we have in our male health and beauty category.

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