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Chastity Devices

Male Chastity Device In Kenya

A male chastity cage is a device used to fulfill the desires of those with a fetish for chastity and orgasm control. They prevent a man from getting an erection and therefore controls his ability to masturbate or have sex and orgasms. Chastity is a very popular fetish in BDSM.

Something for Every Slave…

Whether you’re a BDSM beginner, a submissive sissy or even a urethral explorer, there’s a cock cage out there for you! Explore now with…

Full Enclosure Chastity Cages

Make sure there’s no chance of escape with a cock cage that covers the entire penis. Full enclosure cages feature a solid body which makes sure there’s no way any naughty slaves can stimulate themselves without your permission.

This style of cage features two of the world’s favorites: The CB600 and the Holy Trainer. Both of these male chastity devices have sold countless numbers worldwide, and are ranked highly by nearly any experienced slave. Rated well for comfort, durability, and style, you can’t go wrong with either of these cages!

Elaborate and Stylish Chastity Cages

Sometimes your mistress would like nothing more than to show you off to all her friends. But an ordinary cage won’t do for such an occasion. This is where some of our “fancier” models come into play.

Featuring intricate designs and patterns with gaps that are just perfect for some caged teasing, these cages look simply fantastic when worn. Some of our favorites include the infamous Caught in her Web, and the stunning Timid Basilisk.

Explore BDSM Through Male Chastity

Male chastity doesn’t have to be the entirety of your new and exciting sex life. There are a whole range of kinks and fetishes you can explore and enjoy, and wearing a cock cage can be the perfect springboard to help you explore.

Just remember that even though you’re the one wearing the cage, it isn’t all about the men! Everyone in the relationship should feel like they can explore the things they find interesting, and any new additions should be thoroughly discussed to make sure everyone is on the same page.

What Are You Waiting For?

Male chastity is one of the most rewarding sexual adventures you could ever embark on. Sure there will be periods of frustration, difficulty, and times you just want to give up. But sticking with it makes that sweet release so much better than it finally comes!

So make your Mistress proud today, pick up a cage and Lock the Cock

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