For Him Pheromones

For Him Pheromones for him are basically sex sprays that make women to ‘sense’ a man and be attracted to him. The woman receives the scent produced by a pheromone spray through the nose with the help of high sensory organ known as vomeronasal organ. Naturally, a pheromone spray when produced attracts other members of the same species and attracts social bonds.

Thirdly, the secret behind  our sprays is high pheromone levels. In fact, some have ten times more than other leading brands. The substance offers a natural way to attract women that works with your natural odor and pheromones.

Suitable for men who is lack of confidence to see girl, falling in love, preparing to attend the friends party, wanna get more sex partners.

Usage: press the button at the top of bottle, spray some on the back of ears, neck, breast or wrist, note that don’t spray too much each time. Finally, shake the bottle before spraying.

All men have to do is put our sprays on their pulse points. Thus people can apply the spray on their skin or clothing. Similarly, the effect will last for four to eight hours.

Generally, the key ingredients behind our spray colognes include:

  • Androstenone
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Beta-epi-androstenol

By the way, our sprays are already the number one pheromone colognes for men in search of more sexual attraction, according to three different consumer surveys. That is to say, people can try it risk-free thanks to the 100% money-back guarantee. If our sprays don’t attract women for you, send back the cologne within 30 days for a complete refund.

  • A Blend of 6 Powerful Pheromones To Attract The Opposite Sex
  • secondly,excellent Fragrance and Smell
  • Get More Dates and Increase Confidence
  • Similarly, the quantity is sufficient
  • lastly, there’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee
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